VAinsider Club Summer Twitter Giveaway!

I’m giving away a VAinsider Club 1 Year Membership (value $249) the 1st of every month during the summer of 2009 to one lucky follower of mine on Twitter because I think everyone should have an opportunity to be part of this remarkable club.

Being a member of the VAinsider Club will help you kick things up a notch in your Virtual Assistant business taking you steps closer to reaching your ultimate dreams of success. WIN a VAinsider 1 YR Club Membership!The VAinsider Club membership not only includes business templates, marketing resources, weekly educational webinars, VA mastermind discussions but it also has the most popular job board online today for VAs to find work at with RFPs submitted on a daily basis. VAinsiders are a step above the rest and with competition becoming fiercer each day, you’ll relax knowing you are a club member with clients knocking on your door. Click to read more about this VAinsider Club prize which will be drawn on the 1st of each month.

So Tawnya, How Do I WIN???

It’s simple, just follow the 2 steps below…

STEP 1 – Follow me on Twitter by clicking here @VAnetworking. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet you can get a FREE one by clicking hereSTEP 2 THEN Retweet this EXACT message on Twitter:


OR simply copy and paste the text below
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RT @VAnetworking is giving away a VAinsider Club Membership ($249) this month, go here to learn more:

THAT’S IT! As soon as you complete both of these steps, I will automatically enter you into my monthly random draw to win a VAinsider Club 1 Year Membership to be held the 1st of every month! Winner will be posted to this page.

GOOD LUCK and hope to be sharing tweets with you soon on Twitter!

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Tawnya Sutherland

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Monthly Winners:

Contest ends August 31st, 2009

August: @ivettemuller01

July: @emilyrobe

June: @amandadugas

May: @savvyva